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Terms of sale

In order to sustainable development of this site, the site made a clear division of responsibilities between types of disputes that may occur between buyers and sellers,we no longer pay for the negligence of buyers. Please read carefully for each member:

Buyer’s responsibility

Package due to the following reasons can not be delivered normally, the loss borne by the buyer.

1, fill in the receiving address error (including incomplete address, zip code error, phone error, name error)

2, the recipient is not at home, resulting in the postman can not be delivered in time.

3,the package has been successfully delivered, but due to the buyer’s reasons, resulting in the package stolen or lost.

4,if the order has tariffs, the recipient must bear the relevant costs, as the buyer refused to pay the tariff package can not be successfully delivered, all the losses borne by the buyer.

5, please ensure that your country allows the purchase of imported products, as a result of local laws and related policy causes the Customs to detain the goods, the loss borne by the buyers themselves.

Seller’s responsibility

In the event of the following circumstances, the seller must make corresponding compensation to the buyer.

1, shortage of goods,

2, the goods do not match the description,

3, product quality problems,

4, packaging causes damage to the product.

5, the parcel was lost at the post office.

Other disputes are settled by mutual agreement.

This rule takes effect from the date of promulgation, such as trading on this site, buyers and sellers are considered to accept the rules of the transaction.

(March 4, 2018)

14 thoughts on “Terms of sale

  1. please send me the link to follow my order

  2. why can’t I pay with paypal? please solve the problem

  3. Hi there do you provide shipping to New Zealand please?

    1. yes,we can

  4. Por favor, preciso saber se foi enviado no endereço completo cadastrado pois quando entro no pedido ele aparece incompleto, sem número de casa e sem nome de bairro, obrigada.

    1. Eu mandei mensagem logo que efetuei a compra, vocês mandaram o endereço incorreto mesmo depois de ter avisado a vocês, agora minha encomenda chegou no Brasil mas vai voltar ao vendedor, vocês não me respondem nunca, oque fazer?

  5. please I have paid my order two weeks ago and I don’t have received any information


      Pliease click this link to get the tracking record.

  6. hi can I have a tracking code for my order please


      Please click this link to get the tracking record.

  7. Hello my friend, I am Katiane was your assistant here in Brazil remember?
    I can not talk to you on whatsapp That request for payment for my services is not working the tracking.
    Please confirm the tracking codes, please. Order: #19489


      Total two parcels, the above is the tracking link.

  8. Good evening.

    I would like to know the tracking code of my purchases.

    1. tracking code :RQ139586712MY
      tracking link:

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